The best pediatricians recommend baby food "Nutrition".

Nutricia 1The health of the child, and especially the right and well-chosen baby food in the first months of life, is very important, which parents take quite seriously, as it determines the further health, development, and solidity of their children.

From the first days of life, children can develop many allergic diseases. The most common of these in the 21st century is food allergies, the main cause of which is the proteins contained in cow's milk, more rarely - soy, chicken eggs, gluten.

Manifestations of food allergies can be different, have different manifestations, depending on the specificity of their appearance and manifestation. Swelling, cracks, dryness, itching, etc. can be noticed in the affected area as an external manifestation of allergy, as a consequence of which there may be a disturbance of the digestive process. The baby may have holes in the abdomen, vomiting, and pain.

In case of such symptoms, it is very important to consult a pediatrician, his competent work, the appointment of a special diet, and its continuity. Cow's milk is usually excluded from the diet for at least 6 months, with some more severe allergic reactions lasting up to 12-18 months. With the right diet and appropriate treatment, you can avoid the use of medication, the methodology of treatment with it, which is naturally desirable to avoid overloading the child with unnecessary medication.

When prescribing a diet, doctors face some difficulties in prescribing dairy foods, here it is very important to prescribe the right type of food to children with allergies, depending on the characteristics of the food, such as hypoallergenic.

Nutricia 2

Nutrilon hypoallergenic is often prescribed to children who are at high risk for developing allergic diseases. This type of Nutrilon contains a special serum protein, has a low level of sensitivity activity and promotes the development of tolerance to milk protein. Containing GOS / FOS prebiotics, it maintains its beneficial microflora and promotes the formation of immune mechanisms.

This type of Nutrilon can be prescribed for prophylactic purposes in children at risk of developing allergies. The right choice of food can be made only with the advice of a competent pediatrician, who will be able to correctly explain the objectivity of the appointment and substantiate its effectiveness.

Emphasizing especially the health of children, the right choice of food, the fact that it is a rather delicate choice, we work with our foreign partners every year to improve the brand, to provide more information.

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