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Danone ActiviaIn today's stressful and busy day a healthy diet rich in vitamins is very important. People always want to be young and healthy, therefore improve the quality of food, try to keep the minimum balance of physical activity for a healthy quality of life. Especially girls, following the current trends, want to have a healthy and slender body, and behind it, there is a lot of effort. There are some simple rules for eating healthy and well, which, knowing that even in a busy, stressful daily life, can backfire on our body and health. One of the main rules of healthy eating is to eat regularly, at the same time every day, keeping an effective dose. In this case, the most important place is breakfast: breakfast with high nutritional value is the most important. After that, the portions for lunch and dinner should be less. It is imperative to keep food rich in vitamins, using meat, legumes, vegetables, fruits, as well as when choosing canned versions of the latter, it is necessary to pay attention to their natural origin, purity, amount of vitamins. When it comes to choosing healthy food, especially a balanced breakfast, the natural and delicious products of Activia and Danone brands can be an ideal addition to nutritious and healthy food. Our yogurts are not ordinary yogurts but are especially enriched with probiotics, promote digestion and cleanse the intestines.
One of the rules of healthy eating is regular intake of water, starting from 1.5 liters per day, and it is preferable at least 40 minutes before eating, one hour after, not during. Adequate water intake promotes good metabolism, healthy stomach, skin, helps to lose weight in the long run.
One possible guarantee of health is a night of healthy and long sleep. On average, you need at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a day for a normal life, preferably on a regular basis.
Sport and physical activity contribute to being healthy, energetic, and stress-resistant, they release us from negative energy, allow us to get positive emotions, as well as get rid of excess weight, have a healthy-slim body.
The choice of food is a very important aspect. Try to pay attention to the origin of any brand, the nutritional value, what technologies it is made of, the shelf life, they will help you to choose healthy and right in addition to delicious food. All Activia products are made from high-quality raw materials, innovative technologies, delicious, rich in vitamins and nutrients, which will provide energy for the whole day.
Follow a healthy diet at least the minimum rules of physical activity, which will allow you to live healthier, be healthier, live longer, be happier, have a day full of more positive emotions, therefore work better, relax with quality.
Our products can be an integral part of organic, rich breakfast and will also give positive emotions to other members of your family. We look forward to seeing you in our pavilions in all supermarkets, we hope to satisfy the most demanding buyer.