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The Homeland brand was created in 2016. We offer more than 100assortments of the most delicious canned food.

The priority for us is the high quality and safety of food. We offer canned food made with a special recipe, with great love, using only selected fruits.

Our goals:

  • Produce and Introduce only high-quality products to the consumer
  • Apply advanced technologies in production processes
  • Take care of consumer health and safety
  • Create a healthy, motivating environment for employees

100% natural 100% Armenian:

Homeland offers a constantly updated range of ready-to-eat semi-finished vegetables and canned vegetables and berries.

Only high-quality raw materials are procured for the product. Sampling is performed before accepting it. Based on this conclusion, the fruits and vegetables received are unloaded and enter the workshop.

The goods are procured from the villagers, obtained from the farmer.

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Taking into account the potential of the local market, the wide opportunities of foreign markets, as well as the need to introduce a new business, develop and create additional jobs in the country, it was decided to establish a new cannery equipped with progressive and innovative technologies to provide quality and delicious products.

The Homeland brand was created 2017 in Investments in the establishment of the plant amounted to more than 3,5 billion drams, more than 250 employee, 100 Product name: more than: 5 million containers of products throughout.

From the villager to the workshop, from the workshop to the market, from the market to your table. We make it with love and care.

We work in the cleanest conditions. During the production process, we pay a lot of attention to hygiene and cleanliness.

The plant's state-of-the-art equipment and production lines enable it to produce a wide range of absolutely safe, extremely healthy foods.

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The number of artificial additives, preservatives, and other additives is minimized during the preparation of homeland canned food, taking into account the constant care for the consumer's health and his food preferences.

Canning is done by special vacuum equipment, which allows ensuring its long-term storage. After sterilization, the product is quarantined and then tested in a laboratory.

Homeland brand canned food is available in different sizes of containers, which allows you to choose the option that suits the daily diet of the consumer, always using fresh food.

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Production volumes are increasing year by year, due to which a significant part of the products is also exported to the international market.

The company's activities are based not only on business success but also on long-term mutually beneficial cooperation and customer care.

The Homeland brand belongs to the Derjava group of companies.

The company has set strict quality control standards to offer consumers high quality, healthy food.

The technologies of heat treatment and sterilization used in the production processes allow the consumer to present a safe and secure product, which, at the same time, maintains its nutrition and freshness.

Canning is done with the help of special vacuum equipment, which allows to ensures its long-term storage. After sterilization, the product goes through a quarantine period and then laboratory tests. Then, based on the positive results of the latter, the canned food that has passed the quality assurance is released from the warehouse and reaches the consumers.

The delicate attitude towards food allows the consumer to offer high-quality products, the development, and production of which take into account both the natural features of the food and the latest technological approaches used in their preparation. From growing to canning and selling, the company has set strict quality control standards, offering consumers high quality and healthy food.

The company's activities are based not only on business success but also on long-term mutually beneficial cooperation and customer care.

Homeland in Numbers:


3,5 billion

From the employee:

More than 250

Product Name:



+5 million


Medical Report: <strong>1</strong>
Medical Report: <strong>1</strong>
Medical Report: <strong>1</strong>

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